Joy: The Book of Philippians - Finding Joy in Christ-centred Community

July 18, 2018

In this new series, Pastor Stephen takes us through the Bible book of Philippians on a journey to discover the key to lasting Christian joy.


Advance (season 3) - Miracles Still Happen

June 25, 2018

Do miracles still happen today? What about in North America? How can we see miracles happen, and why doesn't God always give us the miracles we ask for? Pastor Stephen tackles these questions in this week's Sunday morning message.

Please note: we experienced some intermittent audio interference that caused our audio to cut out periodically during the message.


Advance (season 3) - Being Giving People

June 20, 2018

The early Christian Church was known for the way in which it cared for those within the ranks of Jesus-followers. When there was a genuine need, Jesus-people would give sacrificially to see it met. Today, giving statistics among Christians are grim. Pastor Stephen shares how Jesus-people are giving-people.


Advance (season 3) - They Must Be Taught

June 13, 2018

In every area of life, we must be taught if we are to live life well. Why is it, then, that Christ-followers are so quick to neglect teaching new believers (and mature ones, too!) what it means to follow Jesus? Pastor Stephen shares in this message on Acts 11:24-26.


Advance (season 3) - Empowered to Obey

June 4, 2018

We have the tendency to get our priorities out of order. Often times, we place third and fourth things in front of the first thing. Yet, Jesus has given his followers vey clear instructions as to what comes first, and he has given us all we need in order to be obedient. Pastor Stephen continues his message series on the Bible book of Acts.


Advance (season 3) - No Favourites

May 28, 2018

Our series, "Advance: From the Upper Room to the Uttermost," is one that walks us through the biblical book of Acts. Each year, we pick up in the book where we left off. In this message, "No Favourites," Pastor Stephen shares the story of the Apostle Peter and the Gentiles as we discover together that God does not play favourites.


Perfect Peace

May 20, 2018

Guest speaker Dr. William Raccah speaks on our need for perfect peace, which can only be found through God.


I Have Decided to Follow Jesus: The Significance of Baptism

May 2, 2018

Baptism is a strange thing, if you really think about it. Why do we do it? What's it mean? Pastor Stephen discusses it all in this message.


Let Justice Roll: The Freedom to Care

April 25, 2018

Where you you find your security? Your happiness? What occupies your thinking? In this final message in our series on the Bible book of Amos, Pastor Stephen points out the great need within Pincher Creek and discusses the way in which the things we put our trust in affect our ability to think about greater things such as godly righteousness and justice.


Let Justice Roll

April 20, 2018

What does God think about all our religious ceremonies, our worship, our church services, our prayers? He desires them all...but only if they come from a genuine place of adoration for Jesus that works itself out in righteousness and justice. In this message, Pastor Stephen continues his series on the Bible book of Amos with a challenging message on worship, justice, and righteousness.