Jesus is Greater Than Your Spiritual Apathy

October 17, 2017

Some topics are not easy to talk about. The challenge of a topic does not negate its importance. In this message, Pastor Stephen speaks about moving forward in our walk with Jesus and the dangers of falling away.


Jesus is Greater: Than Your Work

October 2, 2017

Why is it that so many of us think that working just a little more will help us control things that are beyond our control? Why are so many people going through life feeling like they have no purpose? Why are our hearts so tied up in knots? In this week's Sunday Morning Message, Pastor Stephen shares that Jesus is inviting you into his rest.


Jesus is Greater: Than Moses

September 25, 2017

If your greatest hero had something to offer, and then someone greater came along with something even greater to offer, wouldn't you take them seriously? The problem is, our faith often diminishes when it is not taken care of. Pastor Stephen speaks on Hebrews chapter 3.


Jesus is Greater: Than Death

September 18, 2017

What do you fear? What does eternity look like for you? Do you feel like God is unfair, or just really distant? Can he relate with what you're going through? Pastor Stephen addresses questions like these in this week's Sunday Morning Message.


Jesus is Greater: The Greatest Word

September 11, 2017

Jesus may be the central figure of Christian faith, but he is so often underestimated. The biblical book of Hebrews makes a bold statement: that Jesus is greater. In this first message in a series on Hebrews, Pastor Stephen walks us through Hebrews 1:1-3, which proclaims that Jesus is the Greatest Word.


Hope & Strength

September 7, 2017

Let's face it: life is hard. There are going to be times that are painful, and other times where we bear scars from all we have to face. Pastor Stephen shares a deeply personal message about the Hope & Strength we have in Jesus.


Seeking the Kingdom

August 20, 2017

Our own Paul Koenderman shares some of his story and how we need to live in a way that seeks the kingdom of God, rather than building our own kingdom. When we ask for God's guidance, it may not always be what we expect but he does give it.


Harbingers of the Kingdom

August 13, 2017

Dr. William Raccah takes us back to the Old Testament so we can see the New Testament more clearly in this message, Harbingers of the Kingdom.

*Please note: this message is a little longer than normal.


The Last Supper

August 6, 2017

Rev. Dr. Eva Ziehl shares a Communion message with our congregation and encourages prayer for healing.


The Change: Say.

July 29, 2017

When you begin to follow Jesus, it should change the things you say. Pastor Stephen concludes his series in the book of James.